Võrumaa — a gate between the European Union and Russia

Võrukivi Technological Park is situated in Võru, on the 253th kilometer of the Tallinn-Tartu-Võru-Luhamaa road, directly beside the state road (Võru roundabout). Logistically favourable location is suitable for both domestic companies as well as for companies directed for international market.

The technological park consists of 14 registered immovables and the related utility networks for production and commercial purposes that correspond to contemporary requirements. Võrumaa is the eastern gate for the European Union, borders with the Republic of Latvia from the south and with Pskov Olbast of the Russian Federation from the east. The longest road of Estonia — Tallinn-Tartu-Võru-Luhamaa road — passes through the county as well as international transport corridors Via Estica, Riga-Pskov roads and the railway, ensuring good access to important Estonian centres as well as foreign ones. International roads and the railway create good prerequisites for the development of transport and logistics sector.

Today Võrumaa has highly skilled workforce in the fields of wood, metal, mechatronics and food processing — these are the specialties that are based on contemporary curricula and that are taught in Võrumaa Vocational Education Centre in Väimela, 6 km away from Võru.

The region hosts several national institutions (Võru County Government, Kuperjanov Battalion, Estonian National Defence College, Estonian Defence League) and good availability of medical services (Southern Estonian Hospital, Võru Medical Centre) as well as safe and nature friendly living environment and good transport access.